HistoryIn 1983 Gregg and Pam Miller were growing their young family in Wichita, KS. Preparing for the birth of their new son Lance, Pam began the start of maternity leave, the very same day that Gregg was told his services were no longer needed at his equipment sales job. Challenging circumstances have a funny way of leading to new dreams and ideas. Some of Gregg’s former customers offered to help fund him in a new venture “Miller Equipment”. Miller Equipment operated from 1983 all the way until 1999 before selling the company to a large national corporation. In 2004, Lance came to Gregg and said “You know dad, someday I’m gonna need to get a real job.  What about starting another rental company?” Gregg began to dream again. It started small, selling a few diamond blades, then eventually purchasing a few used scissor lifts that needed a lot of TLC. Gregg and Lance were the first 2 unpaid equipment painters at the new company. The name Trinity was agreed upon, as a nod to our common shared faith. To this day, we don’t believe we would be where we are without God leading us each step of the way. The air we breathe is a gift, and a reminder of the responsibility we have as ambassadors of our Creator.

A few machines led to more, and ever so slowly additional team members were brought on to work towards the goal of providing complete equipment solutions. Today, Trinity has equipment of all sizes, from single man lifts, to 185’ boom lifts. We provide forklifts, telehandlers, golf carts and utility vehicles, skid steers, mini excavators, generators, light towers and compressors. We rent, sell, purchase and service a wide variety of equipment. We offer parts and safety compliance training for scissor, boom and forklifts. As customers have asked more questions, we’ve challenged ourselves to provide answers. Recently a coworker asked Gregg, “When did it stop being about profit, and start being about helping people?” His answer, “It always has been”. If we don’t do it already, it doesn’t mean we won’t, but one thing will never change, our desire to be honest, reliable and trustworthy. If we can’t help you, it’s our job to tell you up front. We believe in following through with our promises, because people make the difference, and we value relationships as highly as anything in business.